As a Yoga+Movement studio, we teach a combination of different disciplines - both movement and meditation-based. We see that all traditions and disciplines have positive effects on the body and mind and are beautiful and valuable in different ways. Therefore we are informed and inspired by material from all sorts of teachings. Diversity brings immunity, and varying what we do is so much fun! We are largely inspired and influenced by Dance, Parkour, Yoga and also love breathwork, meditation, and mindful discussions. We have a great team of teachers here at SharedSpace! Everyone is kind, caring and magical. All our teachers are brilliant at what they do, and always open to learning and growing as well. Everyone offers up a different in-class experience, as informed by our different backgrounds and personalities. We recommend for students to try out different classes, as every class is different!

Hong Kong
31/F The Sharp, 11-13 Sharp Street East, Causeway Bay