Maison Huit is a design gallery presenting the world’s finest artisans and designers to Hong Kong. We value individuality, craftsmanship and heritage when sourcing our collections. In an era of throw-away society and mass production, Maison Huit is founded with a mission to promote luxury collectables that could be cherished for life. ​ Through our carefully curated exhibitions, we introduce our audience to an eclectic and sophisticated collection of art objects that range from sculptural ceramics and porcelain to antique silvers and glassware. We believe education is essential in cultivating a new generation that treasures art and culture, therefore we frequently host talks and workshops for art enthusiasts to meet our artisans and designers, and to understand the process of creating their beautiful works. ​ Maison Huit aspires to become the source and inspiration of creativity and art, leading the community to learn to appreciate the finer things in life and to live with art.